It’s best to book your studio time as far as advance as possible, as we are often booked two to three months ahead. Free days do pop up here and there, but you’re guaranteed more flexibility if you’re able to plan ahead.

Studio Rates

Please contact Matt Pence for current rates and availability.

“How long is a ‘day’?”

Generally, a day in the studio is between 8 and 10 hours of work, though this can go longer if the band and engineer feel up to it, or shorter if there is no more work to be done. Every engineer has their own preferences, though, so when you book your session, discuss working methods and time with your engineer.

Charging by the day, rather than by the hour, lets you focus on your music rather than the clock. It’s also more convenient for us, as we don’t have to charge a “lock-out” rate for multiple-day sessions.


If you choose to make an analog recording, we recommend  purchasing  tape from US Recording Media. We do not stock new reels of tape at the studio – you’ll need to buy tape beforehand. Due to occasional supply constraints and shipping time, we suggest buying tape as soon as possible in order to avoid delays with your project.
Rental reels are also available.

You should discuss your tape (or other storage) requirements with your engineer beforehand, but for reference, a 10.5″ reel of tape will hold approximately 15 minutes of music at 30 ips, and 30 minutes at 15 ips.

Contact Information

email: Matt Pence