This list is current as of 2017. If you require something for your session (specific instruments, Pro Tools HD systems, etc), please email us and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Analog Tape Recorders

Studer A827 MCH 24 track analog tape recorder [2″ tape format, 7.5, 15, or 30 ips]
Studer A80 RC 2 track analog tape recorder [1/2″ tape format, 15, or 30ips]
Otari MTR-10 2 track analog tape recorder [1/4″ tape format, 7.5, 15, or 30ips]

Digital Audio Workstation

Apple Mac Pro system with:

  • Pro Tools 12
  • Universal Audio UAD-2 processor card
  • Antelope Audio Orion 32channel 24-bit AD/DA converter
  • Antelope Audio 10M Rubidium Atomic Clock

Mixing Console

Sony MXP-3036 36-channel in-line console w/ API and John Hardy mic preamps (4 ea.), 2 Normaphone mic preamps, API 550S EQs (4), and a Fred Forssell master module
Brent Averill 2 channel line mixer


ADAM A6X monitors
ADAM A7 monitors with A8 subwoofer
Furman HDS-16 Headphone Distribution System w/ 5 HRM-16 Mixers
Sony, Audio Technica, and Vic Firth Isolation headphones


2x RCA 44BX (WWII era military issue ribbon mics)
Wunder Audio CM67 (tube condensor)
AKG D112 (dynamic)
2x Audio-Technica Pro 37r (condensor)
6x Audio-Technica ATM450 (condensor)
2x Avenson Audio STO-2 (omni condensor)
Audio Technica ATM25 (dynamic)
Beyer M88 (dynamic)
2x Beyer M160 (ribbon)
2x Beyer M201 (dynamic)
Beyer M260 (ribbon)
Beyer M380 (dynamic)
Bock Audio 195 (condensor)
2x Coles 4038 (ribbon)
2x Crown GLM200 (condensor)
2x Earthworks TC40k (condensor)
Electro-voice RE-20 (dynamic)
2x Neumann CMV 563 with M7S, M8S, and M55K capsules (screw-type) and M7, M8, and M9 capsules (bayonet-type), rebuilt by Greg Norman (tube condensor)
2x Neumann KM84 (condensor)
2x Neumann TLM103 (condensor)
2x Octava MC-012 (condensor)
Placid Audio Copperphone telephone mic (dynamic)
Rode Classic (tube condensor)
Rode NT-1 (condensor)
Royer R-121 (ribbon)
2x Schoeps CMC6 condenser microphone bodies
2x Schoeps MK2 (omnidirectional capsules)
2x Schoeps MK4 (cardioid capsules)
3x Sennsheiser e604 (dynamic)
Sennsheiser e609 (dynamic)
2x Sennsheiser MD421 (dynamic)
Shure Beta52 (dynamic)
4x Shure Beta98 (condensor)
2x Shure KSM137 (condensor)
2x Shure KSM141 (condensor)
2x Shure SM7b (dynamic)
2x Shure SM57 (dynamic)
2x Shure SM98 (condensor)
Sony C38 (condensor)
Sony C48p (condensor)
Soundelux 251 (tube condensor)
6x Stapes Audio omnis (condensor)

Microphone Preamplifiers and Equalizers

2x Coil Audio CA70
4x API 212s mic preamps
API 3124+ [4 channels total]
2x Calrec PQ15 mic preamp with EQ (modified and rackmounted by Brent Averill)
2x Geoffrey Daking 52270B mic preamp with EQ
EMI Chandler Germanium mic preamp
4x John Hardy MPC-3000 mic preamp
2x Neve 1073 mic preamp with EQ
2x Neve 1066 mic preamp with EQ
2x Neve 33122a mic preamp with EQ (modified and rackmounted by Brent Averill)
2x Normaphone mic preamps
Purple Audio Biz mic preamp
Universal Audio 6176 mic preamp
6x Telefunken V72 mic preamp< />
2x Audio Arts parametric equalizers
Manley Labs Massive Passive Stereo Tube EQ

Dynamics Processors

Altec 436c tube compressor
Altec 438 tube compressor (modified to RS124 specs by Valve and Sound)
Magna Tech Tube compressor
Chandler LTD. TG1 limiter/compressor
dbx 160A compressor
2x dbx 263x de-esser
Drawmer 1969 Mercenary Edition stereo mic preamp/compressor
2x Empirical Labs EL-8 Distressor compressor
Kush Audio Tweaker
Purple Audio MC77 limiter
Purple Audio Action FET compressor
FMR Audio RNLA stereo compressor
2x FMR Audio RNC 1173 stereo compressor
Manley Labs Stereo Electro-Optical Leveling Amplifier
Retro 176 compressor
Standard Audio Level-Or
Tube Tech LCA 2B tube compressor/limiter
Universal Audio 1176LN limiter
6x Valley People Kepex-II gate


Tapco 4400 Spring Reverb
Intersound PRV-1 Spring Reverb
t.c. electronics M-1 multi-effects
Maestro Echoplex tape delay
Roland RE-501 tape delay/spring reverb
Ibanez ADR-230 analog delay
Ibanez DM1000 digital delay
Reamp level/impedence matcher
assorted guitar effects pedals (Rusty Box, Super Hard-On, Big Muff, Small Stone, Mooger Fooger Phaser/Delay/MURF, etc…)

Instruments and Amplifiers

Ampeg V-4 tube bass head
Marshall Super Bass 100W head with master volume mod
Marshall 4×12 straight cabinet
BadCat TremCat head w/ 1 x 12″ cabinet
Top Hat Ambassador head w/ 2 x 12″ cabinet
2x Fender Bassman head (1966)
Fender Bassman 2 x 12″ cabinet (1966)
Fender Pro Junior
Fender Princeton (mid 1960’s)
Fender Twin (early 1970’s)
Silvertone Twin Twelve head
2x Kay Model 704 solid-state combo
Traynor YBA-1 Bass-master head
Mesa Boogie 15″ bass cabinet w/ EV 15L speaker
Ampeg 4×10″ bass cabinet
Danelectro double-neck baritone and guitar
Fender Bass VI baritone guitar
Fender Stratocaster (late 1970’s, fixed bridge)
Fender Jazz Bass (late 1970’s)
Fender Precision Bass (mid 1970’s)
Fender Rhodes 77 electric piano
Gibson double-neck SG
Hammond home organ
Hammond A100 organ
Leslie 205 cabinet
Leslie 120 cabinet
Boston/Steinway grand piano
Smith and Barnes full upright piano

various Slingerland, Ludwig, and Gretsch drums, and Sabian and Zildjian cymbals. (Check beforehand for availability.) Usually we have the following on-hand:

  • Mid-1960’s Slingerland: 20″ bass, 12″, 13″, 16″ toms
  • Mid-1960’s Slingerland: 22″ bass, 13″, 16″ toms
  • Mid-1960’s Slingerland: 24″ bass, 13″, 16″ toms
  • Early-1970’s Ludwig VistaLite: 22″ bass, 13″, 16″ toms
  • Slinger Radio King snare
  • Pearl Sensitone snare
  • 15″ WFL snare
  • 14″ Regal brass snare
  • 14″ Slingerland chrome snare

While it’s perfectly fine to use any of our drums, cymbals and hardware, it’s best if you bring your own in case what we have doesn’t fit your needs.