Our live room is 800 sq ft (14 ft ceiling), with adjustable acoustic properties. (Average reverb time of .7 seconds.). The isolation booth is 125 sq ft, with a ceiling height of 12 ft. The control room is 16 ft x 22 ft, with a small adjacent iso room leading into the lounge.

We record mainly on 2″ 24 track analog and a Pro Tools digital audio workstation with 24-bit external AD/DA conversion. Mixing can be done to 1/2″ analog, 1/4″ analog, or 24-bit digital.

Studio Lodging

On the studio grounds, there is a very comfortable guest house that sleeps 9, as well as a small efficiency apartment that sleeps 4. Both are available to rent for our out-of-town clients.

If you’re interested in staying here during your session, let us know when you book your session.


The Echo Lab’s engineers have mastered dozens of CDs for clients over the years. Please contact us for details.