In 1999, producers and friends David Willingham, Matt Pence, and Matthew Barnhart built The Echo Lab recording studio in the woods outside of Denton, Texas. Since then, the studio has helped produce hundreds of albums from artists all over the world, and been a mainstay of the North Texas music scene.

In 2016, after 17 years of very happy collaboration, circumstances had changed within the lives of David Willingham and Matthew Barnhart, and they decided to amicably withdraw from the studio’s partnership. The Echo Lab remains open under the ownership and management of Matt Pence.

From the original draft of our press release at that time:

“We can’t give enough thanks to the bands, clients, and associates who have helped make our dreams come true. All three of us are beyond proud to have made The Echo Lab our life’s work, and with it helped so many artists create their own life’s work.

We expect great things from Matt Pence and The Echo Lab in the future.

David Willingham has relocated to Oregon and will continue his freelance mixing and mastering work at 70 Hurtz Audio.

Matthew Barnhart is a staff mastering engineer at Chicago Mastering Service, while still recording and producing at The Echo Lab as a freelance engineer. He continues to tour with Superchunk, Destroyer, Ex Hex, and many other artists.

A special thanks to our friends who have graciously lent their time, equipment, and expertise to The Echo Lab and made it more than the sum of its parts: Justin Collins, Chris Veon, Bryan VanDivier, Howard Draper, Jon Teague, Daron Beck, and Will Johnson.”